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We provide behavior therapy for families and children from infancy through adolescence with difficulties in, but not limited to, the following areas:  
Behavioral issues • Learning disabilities • Developmental delays
Speech and language delays • Social skill needs
Autism Spectrum disorder • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


Comprehensive assessments consist of direct observations in home or school settings and incorporate standardized tools, behavior checklists, and parent and teacher interviews. Naturalistic observations and as well as interactive engagement are also incorporated to measure behavior and surrounding variables within the settings where difficulties are occurring in order to identify evidenced based strategies for meaningful behavior change.

Community Based Instruction

Functional teaching within the natural environment is essential for students to learn skills in the context within which they need to be utilized, and also increases the likelihood for generalization and maintenance. Community based instruction entails providing therapy sessions within the student’s everyday environment and incorporates parents and caregivers in the learning process. Examples may include going to a restaurant for lunch and learning to greet others, order food, and sit appropriately for a meal, or making a shopping list, going to the supermarket and selecting the items, waiting in line, and exchanging money to pay. Goals for community based instruction are based upon parent input and initial evaluations.

Parent Workshops

Workshops are geared towards helping families gain the background knowledge and skills necessary for meeting the multifaceted demands of fostering meaningful and lasting positive behavior change. Topics are based upon parent interest and include examples such as:

  • basic behavior management strategies/managing behaviors in everyday situations
  • identifying the causes of challenging behaviors in the home
  • increasing social/pragmatic skills/social skills from a behavioral perspective
  • increasing independence and self help skills
  • homework strategies
  • sleeping/toileting issues
  • establishing routines and schedules at home and sticking with it/organizational skills
  • improving dinner time/eating out behaviors 

Functional Behavior Assessments

Functional behavior assessments are conducted within home or school settings in order to identify the controlling variables for challenging behaviors. Systematic observations utilizing antecedent and consequence analyses are performed such that interventions can be developed and implemented based upon the possible functions of challenging behaviors.

Positive Behavior Support Plans

Based upon behavior evaluations and functional behavior assessments, intervention plans are developed utilizing a team approach, focusing on positive behavior change strategies. Training and ongoing consultation are provided regarding plan implementation. 

ABA Therapy

Direct 1:1 behavior therapy is provided by our highly skilled therapists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts to address a wide range of repertoires to meet a variety of learning needs. Discrete trial training, natural environment teaching, and verbal behavior approaches are utilized to teach academic, social, behavioral, and self-help goals. Sessions may be home or center based.

Social Skills Groups

Our social groups are designed to facilitate pragmatic language and social skills in a functional setting, while addressing communication and behavioral goals in a systematic way. Varying age groups and skill levels are available and children will benefit from additional support with:

  • making friends
  • identifying and regulating emotions
  • resolving conflict
  • cooperative play
  • conversation skills, sharing, and turn taking
  • handling change when things don’t go as planned 

Weekly progress notes are provided based on goals addressed and parent and sibling support are offered throughout. 

Family Training

Parents and caregivers are integral parts of the behavior change process. Family training and counseling provides the necessary tools to effectively implement behavioral strategies on a consistent basis to maximize results.

BCBA Mentorship and Supervision

For candidates and students seeking Board Certification in Applied Behavior Analysis (BCBA©), our BCBA mentors are available to meet supervision requirements. Individualized 1:1 scheduling is available along with virtual meetings and group sessions.