Dr. Christine O'Rourke-Lang & Associates Behavior Consultation and Therapy

All children develop in their own unique way. Our mission is to provide high quality behavior therapy services regardless of needs or challenges. We partner with families to create personalized solutions.


Dr. Christine O'Rourke-Lang received her Ph.D. from Columbia University, with a concentration in behavior analysis. She is nationally Board Certified in Behavior Analysis (BCBA-Doctoral) and is also a Licensed Behavior Analyst. She specializes in working with children with general behavioral and social skill needs, as well as specific diagnoses including emotional and behavioral disorders, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, and speech and language impairments. Dr. Lang is also a tenured Associate Professor and Chairperson of the Special Education Department and Applied Behavior Analysis program at Mercy College, in New York City and Westchester County. 

Our team of clinicians are experienced professionals consisting of Board Certified Behavior Analysts-Doctoral (BCBA-D), Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Licensed Behavior Analysts, School Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Certified Special Educators, and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT). We are highly skilled across a broad range of developmental levels and have extensive experience providing support within various domains including behavior management, social skills, academics, social-emotional needs, and activities of daily every-day life.

2020 Best of White Plains Awards - Family Counselor

Westchester Behavior Analysts, LLC Receives 2020 Best of White Plains Award


We provide the highest quality consultative and therapeutic services, utilizing the most up-to-date research based approaches.
Therapy sessions may occur in our offices, in group or 1:1 settings, and can also incorporate home or school visits.
 We work with children, teens, families, and school programs across NYC, Westchester, and parts of Connecticut.
Our goal is to provide lasting, meaningful change for your child and family.


Comprehensive assessments consist of direct observations in home or school settings and incorporate standardized tools, behavior checklists, and parent and teacher interviews. 

Social Skills

Social skills development groups are offered for 8 week sessions and children will learn to make friends, identify and regulate emotions, and resolve conflict. Evidence based strategies are used across a variety of activities designed to simulate real-world social issues for kids.

Family Support

Individual or group support are geared towards helping families gain the background knowledge and skills necessary for meeting the multifaceted demands of fostering meaningful and lasting positive behavior change.

ABA Therapy

Direct 1:1 behavior therapy is provided by our highly skilled therapists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts to address a wide range of repertoires to meet a variety of learning needs.

Functional Behavior Assessments
& Positive Behavior Support Plans

Based upon behavior evaluations, intervention plans are developed utilizing a team approach, focusing on positive behavior change strategies. FBA's are conducted within home or school settings in order to identify the controlling variables for challenging behaviors.

Community Involvement

Functional teaching within the natural environment is essential for students to learn skills in the context within which they need to be utilized, and also increases the likelihood for generalization and maintenance.


Consulting Services

Our Doctoral Level Behavior Analysts and Licensed, Board Certified Behavior Analysts provide the highest quality consultative services to school districts and families. Behavior consultation includes comprehensive evaluations, functional behavior assessments, the development of individualized positive behavior change plans, ongoing staff training, family support, and professional development opportunities.

Speaking Engagements

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