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Our mission is to provide high quality behavior analytic consultative and therapeutic services to meet the diverse needs of our clients, and produce lasting, meaningful change. We partner with individuals, families, schools and organizations to create personalized solutions.


Dr. Christine Lang received her Ph.D. from Columbia University, with a concentration in behavior analysis. She is nationally Board Certified in Behavior Analysis (BCBA-Doctoral) and is also a Licensed Behavior Analyst. She specializes in the development and implementation of positive behavior support strategies to meet the unique and diverse needs of individuals, families, schools and organizations. Dr. Lang is also a tenured Associate Professor and former Chairperson of Special Education and Leadership at Mercy College, in New York City and Westchester.

Our team of clinicians are experienced professionals consisting of Board Certified Behavior Analysts-Doctoral (BCBA-D), Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Licensed Behavior Analysts, School Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Certified Special Educators, and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT). We are highly skilled across a broad range of developmental levels and have extensive experience providing support within various domains including individual, family, schools and organizational behavior management, social-emotional needs, and activities of daily every-day life.


We provide high quality behavior analytic consultative and therapeutic services, utilizing up-to-date research based approaches. Sessions may occur in our offices, in group or 1:1 settings, and also incorporate home, school, and onsite visits. We work with children, teens, adults, families, schools, and organizations across NYC, Westchester, and parts of Connecticut. Virtual technologies also provide opportunities to meet with clients anywhere. Our goal is to provide lasting, meaningful change for our clients.  


Comprehensive assessments consist of direct observations, along with standardized tools, behavior checklists, interviews, and analysis of any prior data, reports, and records. Assessment results are used to inform next steps in any behavior change plan and can help tailor interventions to meet individual needs.  


 Social skill development groups help support children in making friends, identifying and regulating emotions, and resolving conflict. Evidence based strategies are used across a variety of activities designed to simulate real-world social issues and facilitate meaningful interpersonal communication.


Sessions are geared towards helping families gain the background knowledge and skills necessary for effective responding when challenging behaviors may occur. We also help with teaching tools and tips for proactively altering the environment to facilitate positive behavior change. We support families in meeting the multifaceted demands of parenting in today’s world.


Direct 1:1 behavior therapy is provided by our highly skilled therapists, Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Licensed Behavior Analysts to address a wide range of repertoires. Individualized plans are developed and implemented to meet the diverse learning needs of our clients.


Through individualized strategy development, we help support task initiation and sustenance, along with the organizational and time management skills needed to succeed at home, school, and work, along with extra-curricular activities and sports. Balancing due dates, assignments, practices, and personal responsibilities has become a growing challenging given the demanding, fast paced, high expectations in today’s world.


 Functional Behavior Assessments are conducted within home or school settings in order to help identify the controlling variables for challenging behaviors. Based upon behavior observations and assessments, intervention plans are developed utilizing a team approach, focusing on positive behavior change strategies. Collaboration with families and schools are essential for effective plan implementation and consultation is available along to way to guide the process. 


Teaching and learning within the natural environment is essential to acquiring new skills in the context within which they need to be utilized. Sessions occurring in “real-life “ settings provide functional opportunities and problem based learning situations that can increase the likelihood for generalization and long term positive behavior change. 


Behavior analysis as applied to organizational settings facilitates meaningful change across group contingencies, including staff members; coaches, players, teams. It incorporates a wholistic approach that seeks to achieve success based on working towards understanding respecting, and effectively responding to individual needs as well as the group as a whole, while striving to achieve common goals.


Our clinicians provide indirect and direct consultation within schools and classrooms as needed. We offer “in-situ” support for teachers, classroom assistants, and related service providers in order to help best meet the diverse learning needs of their students Consultative intervention also includes facilitating and guiding the development and implementation of positive behavior support strategies. Professional development opportunities are available as well, to share research based positive intervention strategies with your school team on a wider scale.



Our clinicians provide high quality, individualized consultative services to families, schools, and organizations.
Behavior consultation includes a comprehensive analysis of the environment to facilitate
the development of individualized positive behavior change plans, along with ongoing training and support.


On-site or virtual visits by our clinicians can help share your message and provide
professional development opportunities for your staff.